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Viking Gear pumps for thermal oil furnace systems

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Application of the Viking gear pump in a 3×3500kW heat conduction oil furnace system in a green polystyrene unit

VIKING Gear Pumps are compact and widely used. We offer a wide range of VIKING gear pumps. Customer's latest project demand selection success:

Transmission medium: light diesel oil

Flow rate: 1.0m3/h,

Yang cheng: 33mH2O,

This VIKING gear pump is mainly used in the green polymer material 400,000 tons/year polystyrene unit 3×3500kW heat conduction oil furnace system.

VIKING gear pumps can also be used for high temperature, high viscosity media, such as crude oil, fuel, lubricating oil, basic petrochemical products, asphalt and asphalt, thermal oil, etc. VIKING Gear pumps 123A, 223A, 4133A, 4223A high flow cast steel gear pumps can be used in oil refineries and petrochemical products in high temperature, high viscosity media.

VIKING Gear pump 123A, 223A, 4133A, 4223A

Flow rate: up to 363m³/h, pressure: 14bar, temperature -30℃ to 430℃, viscosity 1-440000cST.

Shanghai YUKE provide Viking Gear pumps, all kinds of gear pumps and complete system solutions.