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LOWARA water Pump E-NSC cast iron end suction pump

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LOWARA pumps are widely used in a wide range of product lines.

* SCUBA tightly coupled submersible pump


* END SUCTION chamber pumpse-NSC cast iron END SUCTION pump

* In-line pumPSE-LNE in-line pump

LOWARA water pump E-NSC cast iron end suction pump features

* efficient

The newly designed high efficiency hydraulic system far exceeds the ErP2015 level, and the IE3 motor lays the foundation for very low operating costs. To further optimize operating costs, the E-NSC is equipped with a Hydrovar variable speed pump controller (up to 45 kW). It can save up to 70% energy costs compared to constant speed pumps in devices with widely varying requirements.

* Long service life and easy maintenance

Rugged design, a variety of bearing frame sizes and stainless steel replaceable wear rings ensure long service life. In addition, the E-NSC is easy to maintain and all service points are easily accessible, reducing downtime.

* The most appropriate configuration

E-nsc is the best choice for 1000's liquids. Materials available range from cast iron to duplex stainless steel, and a variety of mechanical face seals are available.

E-nsc end suction pump is available in three configurations:

Mounted on bracket (bare shaft or equipped with coupling and motor), short shaft, tight coupling, small footprint

LOWARA pump E-NSC cast iron end suction pump application:

* Marine ballast water and drinking water are pumped

Oil and gas: hydraulic fracturing pumping, pressurization and monitoring, water management on hydraulic fracturing pads, water management on hydraulic fracturing backflow and production water, water management on offshore offshore platforms

* Building system HVAC cooling, building system HVAC heating

* Conventional industrial fire suppression, conventional industrial raw water intake and process water supply

* Urban water and wastewater drinking water treatment system and pumps required: raw water intake and treatment system for drinking water

Mining and ore industry/aggregate production water transportation and pressurization

* Food and beverages

Commercial building area cooling and heating, building systems

Shanghai Yuke sells LOWARA water pump, provides vertical, horizontal multistage centrifugal pump, provides a complete set of constant pressure water supply solutions.