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Introduction of KINNEY vacuum pump product line

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Introduction of KINNEY vacuum pump product line

KINNEY vacuum pump is widely used, our long-term sales supply KINNEY vacuum pump.

The brand of KINNEY is now acquired by Ingersoll Rand, which greatly improves the popularity of the product. Moreover, the product mix marketing is more conducive to market promotion.

KINNEY vacuum pump product line:

1. Model KT single stage slide valve vacuum pump

KT pump keeps large pumping speed well and runs statically under high pressure or low pressure.

* Industrial slip design to ensure the dynamic balance of poly white body, facts also proved that reading poly in operation without vibration.

* Even in some harsh operating conditions. KT pump is also very durable. This is because the spool valve and pump chamber are filled with oil and there is no metal-to-metal floor contact:

* All KT pumps are equipped with a positive pressure lubrication system to ensure reliable and smooth operation under any pressure.

* KT is just a water cooling system. Air cooling system optional. Standard products are equipped with adjustable gas ballast valves,

* Can handle media containing water vapor or other vapors.

* In addition to the built-in oil mist separator, a compact, low center of gravity design.

Typical applications: vacuum packaging, vacuum furnace, vacuum film

2.KC and KTC double stage slide valve vacuum pumps

KC and KTC type slide valve pumps are the lowest pressure pumps available in mechanical vacuum. Recommended for operating pressure less than 0.1ton (0.13mbar).

Because the spool valve is filled with oil and there is no metal-to-metal contact between the pump chamber, the KTC series two-stage pumps are exceptionally reliable and durable. In addition to KTC - 112 is water cooling system | air cooling system to choose). Other types of KC and KTC is air cooling system.

Adjustable air ballast valves are available as standard. It can handle media containing water vapor or other vapors.

KTC deep triple slide design ensures its own dynamic balance.

Typical applications: refrigeration system, liquid gas storage, brake application fluid system, silicon.

SDV variable pitch dry screw vacuum pump

The SDV can start at full speed at atmospheric pressure up to 1Ton(1,3mbar), and its ultimate vacuum can reach 1Ton(1,3mbar). The new KINNEY SOV" series is compact. High efficiency energy-saving screw vacuum pump. The biggest characteristic of the pump is the screw variable pitch design.

The EPWEY model can save more than 90% energy in dry polymerization than other competitors. The exhaust gas is also cooler.

The dry screw vacuum pump is completely oil-free and has a straight gas path design. SDV can handle gases containing condensible vapors and gases containing small particles without remaining in the pump.

SDV variable pitch dry screw vacuum pump typical applications: chemical and pharmaceutical processes, polyester recovery, molding. Lithography. Measurement, steam recovery, aerospace. Save the land

4.KDS dry screw vacuum pump

Keni KSD dry screw vacuum pump adopts cantilever design to produce vacuum through high speed rotating surface by measuring straight intermeshing screw.


* Used under near-atmospheric pressure, with industry-leading performance for rapid vacuuming. Shorten the batch processing time, and is not sensitive to dew avoidance;

* Heavy dc up and down. With the help of earth's gravity, the particles continue to move to the exhaust and away from the rotor.

* No external seals. There is no lubricating oil from the drive seal in the working chamber. No pumping time wasted on the drain.

* Easy to clean and protect. With simple service as the design concept, ordinary hand tools can be used in the location of the equipment

Do it nearby. There are no parts in the rotor body that need cleaning. When internal maintenance is required, it can be done easily without any factory assistance.

KDS dry screw vacuum pump typical applications: chemical, pharmaceutical. Solar energy. Transformer drying

5.KMBD Roots vacuum pump

KMBD Roots vacuum pump is a low cost equipment with large technology in sTormiron high vacuum theory. It can be combined with a variety of vacuum polymerization vacuum unit, all products before leaving the factory phase for dynamic balance and star test.

KMBD Roots vacuum pump has been widely used in the global market, such as chemical, chemical plastics conductor, chemical mixtures, food processing vacuum protection, chemistry and medicine, etc.

* Synchronous gear is easier to ensure synchronization. Ensure low noise and reliable operation, at the same time, gear installation drive, reduce rotor torsion load.

*. The type 0 surface of mechanical seal is available in a variety of materials, such as BRbe. Vor.

* Two-bladed Roots rotor, casting wheel and shaft in one, can efficiently transport medium and reduce the risk of impeller damage.

KMBD roots vacuum pump typical applications: vacuum system pressurization, vacuum dry welding, vacuum dehydration, vacuum packaging, chemical medicine

And process, vacuum wall, high temperature decomposition, etc.

Shanghai Yuke sells KINNEY vacuum pumps, provides liquid ring vacuum pumps, Roots vacuum pumps and sliding vane pumps.