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XYLEM pumps application in industrial

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The water treatment system of the light industry includes water intake, transportation, treatment, testing, operation optimization, control and other steps. XYLEM products can be used in every step. Our company has been operating XYLEM products for many years. On September 7, 2021, XYLEM light industry manager came to our company for simple communication on product introduction and next stage planning.

XYLEM Light Industry Application Site:

* Residential, commercial buildings, rail transit;

* Agricultural irrigation;

* Industrial water;

* Sewage treatment, etc

XYLEM for water pumps in light industry:

Hvac industry:

Double suction pump VSX series

High efficiency and energy saving, a variety of installation forms, heavy duty steel base smooth operation, easy installation and maintenance;

Maximum flow: 5300m³/h

Maximum head: 110m

End suction pump E-1610 series

High hydraulic efficiency, wide application expertise, robust design, low life cycle cost

Medium open pump E-HSC series

Strong power, high efficiency and energy saving, durable and reliable, easy maintenance, suitable for a variety of installation

Double suction pump E-XC series

Heavy duty design, long and efficient rotor life, low NPSHr


Long shaft pump VIT series

Derived from Goulds long shaft pump, long shaft submersible pump, stable and efficient hydraulic model and design structure

Pipeline pump 1580 series

Compact design, less installation space than ordinary pipe pump, easy to install, easy to maintain

End suction pump 2000 series

Hydraulic balanced impellers extend bearing life and are available for motor and diesel drive

Multistage centrifugal pump MP series

Space saving and reliable operation

Double suction pump GSP series

High efficiency and energy saving, easy maintenance, stable and reliable operation

RJC series long shaft turbine pump

Choose exquisite hydraulic model and structural design

Pure water treatment:

Efficient multistage centrifugal pump MP/ E-MP series

End suction pump E-1610 series;

Stainless steel horizontal centrifugal pump E-SH series

Horizontal horizontal centrifugal pump E-HM series


Stainless steel multistage pump E-SV series;

Double suction pump GSP series;

End suction pump E-1610 series;

High efficiency multistage centrifugation

GHV series constant voltage frequency conversion unit

Long axis pumps, etc

Shanghai Yuke sells XYLEM pumps, including double suction pumps, open pumps, fire pumps, submersible sewage pumps and other pumps and complete sets of products.