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Introduction to the application of MILTONROY metering pump

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MILTONROY metering pumps are widely used in all walks of life, but there are different series for different process requirements to achieve your requirements.

Application of injection pump in industrial catalyst reactor

Many industrial processes must use catalysts. These catalysts can be toxic, so safe, efficient and precise dosing is critical. Milton Row pumps can be used to transport hazardous chemicals in processes requiring the use of catalysts in the operating environment.

The hydraulic driven diaphragm metering pump technology developed for this application is designed for transmission with ±1% steady-state accuracy, 100:1 regulation ratio, variable frequency drive, and electric/pneumatic actuators.

The modular design of MILROYAL series hydraulic driven diaphragm metering pumps is suitable for various hydraulic ends to meet the needs of different processes. In addition, the multi-head technology is applied in different sizes and can handle a wide range of flow and pressure conditions.

For example, our company often provides supporting power plants to our customers, and uses our MRA11 hydraulic diaphragm pump for a long time. It has been running so far with good feedback. Industrial paper mills and biotechnology companies, for example, have long used miltonow pumps.

Crude oil storage applications - blender products

Freshly produced oil is mixed with sand, salt and other impurities. Adding water to the oil makes it easier to pump it down the pipeline. The refining process will remove these impurities. But until the crude oil enters the refining process, sludge and water settle on the bottom of the tank. The tank operator must empty the tank during a process called "sanding," which is time-consuming, costly, and environmentally unfriendly.

Sludge and water are suspended in Milton Roy Mixing system. Side-entry agitators, usually mounted on the edge of storage tanks, reduce moving parts and greatly reduce vibration, resulting in longer seal life and easier maintenance. When the agitator blades rotate, the correct fluid speed distribution is produced, thus providing high performance. Our patented SABRE 4 blade delivers industry high flow rates at low horsepower; Compared to traditional stirrer blades, it can save 15-20% of energy.

Milton Roy Mixing's side-entry agitator lock design allows tank operators to safely and quickly replace the agitator's mechanical seal when the tank is fully filled. For floating-top tanks, the smaller blade design provides a larger operating tank capacity than conventional agitator technology. Faster and more efficient shut-off drive performance can also limit the environmental impact by reducing oil slicks and spills.

Application of high pressure methanol chemical filling

Methanol is a chemical commonly used in the oil and gas industry and is mainly used in offshore platforms. Continuous or intermittent methanol injection will prevent hydrate formation, depending on the process requirements. In general, methanol is volatile when used, which is dangerous to people and the environment.

In order to transport methanol efficiently, high pressure must be used to overcome friction losses, but the toxic nature of methanol also requires efficient transmission with minimal leakage.

Mitonroy metering pumps and chemical dosing systems are the reliable choice for high pressure methanol filling. Mitonlo diaphragm hydraulic ends provide safe, efficient chemical delivery with little or no leakage. In addition, modular design, can carry out multiple pump head and customized configuration, to ensure the realization of large performance in the case of small size.

PRIMEROYAL series metering pumps have solved the problems that may occur in methanol chemical filling. Designed according to API 675 standard, Primeroyal series metering pumps combine the benefits of rugged, field-proven technology with flexible design. Accurately control metering pump feeding speed with eccentric drive system, five foot sizes

Three foot sizes of Milroyal metering pumps cover the full range of flow and pressure. It can be connected in parallel with multiple pumps, with up to 16 pumps driven by a single motor. Diaphragm options include metal, high performance and other specialized diaphragms, providing excellent performance at pressures up to 20,000 psi (1,380 bar).

Surface water treatment applications

Surface water often contains suspended particles, bacteria, algae, organic matter, and other impurities that not only pose health risks, but can also lead to bad tasting, smelly, and flocky or unclean water. To eliminate these impurities, the water treatment process involves adding flocculants, coagulants and disinfectants, as well as other chemicals, to control pH and water quality. Usually this process has several points, the performance of the metering pump is crucial.

The Miltonow metering pump is a very reliable choice for municipal water treatment applications. Metering pumps have high performance, a wide flow range and other benefits critical to water treatment processes. For example: our company participated in various sewage plant projects, municipal sewage treatment, etc.

Hydraulically driven diaphragms are designed to provide long service life, less maintenance and product performance that exceeds industry standards for water treatment.

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