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Franklin submersible pump (deep well pump) division came to our company for business exchanges

管理员:煜科管理人气:78发表时间:2021-08-25 14:44

Franklin submersible pump (deep well pump) division came to our company for business exchanges

On August 24, 2021, Franklin came to our company for business exchanges. The exchanges between the two parties mainly focused on the Franklin (FRANKLIN) product line, application and the direction of further cooperation between the two parties.

Franklin products have a wide range of applications:

* Agriculture

Franklin's agricultural pump system provides stability to increase yield, better predict crop yield and keep your animals strong and hydrated.

* Residential

Whether your customers need general household water, lawn irrigation, or higher water pressure, our pump system can provide the reliability you expect.

* Business

Eliminate worries and customer headaches caused by pump equipment failure, and overcome the challenge of providing proper water pressure at different structural heights.

* Construction

Franklin's pumping system can eliminate accidental excessive water use and help maintain construction sites to avoid fines and unnecessary air pollution.

* Industry

Maximize the output of your niche by ensuring that your equipment cooling and cleaning system and your general water system run at maximum efficiency for a long time.

* Mining

Experience Franklin's ability to handle dust control, drainage, general dehydration, and water transfer needs so you can maximize profits.

* Municipal

Franklin's complete series of pumping systems provide you with a variety of options to meet the ever-changing challenges as demand increases and jurisdiction expands.

* Solar

Franklin's sturdy and environmentally friendly solar pump system can distribute water wherever the sun is drenched...even in a small window of time.

* Lakes and ponds

Managing water management for aeration, water mixing, deicing, irrigation, and decorative fountain applications can be complex, so Franklin’s performance-driven products give you peace of mind.

Franklin products are rich in products:

Submersible pumps and vertical turbines: 4" large capacity submersible pumps, 6" large capacity submersible pumps, 6" SSR submersible turbo pumps, 6-8" SR series submersible turbo pumps, 5-9" STS series submersible turbo pumps, 6- 10" SSI submersible turbo pump, 6-12" FST series submersible turbine

Vertical spool turbine: 5-42" FVT series vertical spool steam turbine, 8-30" FAF series axial flow vertical turbine, 8-30" FMF series mixed flow vertical turbine

Ground pumps: jet pumps, self-priming pumps, booster pumps, booster systems, transfer pumps, multi-stage, centrifugal, self-priming

Motor and control box: 4" submersible motor, 6" submersible motor, 6" Volt-X submersible motor, 6" DR56 submersible motor, 6" MagForce high-efficiency motor system, 8" submersible motor, control box, 10" rewindable diving Motor, 12" rewindable submersible motor our market

The two parties communicated mainly on the following three aspects:

1. Water intake application.

At present, in order to meet the needs of urban water supply and domestic water supply in remote areas, the development of water sources, the adjustment of water supply sources, and the construction and expansion of water plants in many places, Franklin submersible pumps can efficiently meet demand and solve problems. Some of the water intake has requirements for the quality of the water after delivery. Franklin submersible pumps and submersible motors have a variety of material options to meet the requirements.

2. Secondary water supply application

Secondary water supply is the realization of secondary water supply on the basis of the national municipal pipe network or the residents' own water supply equipment to meet the water consumption of the majority of users. Now that urban buildings are towering, secondary water supply can achieve stable and timely water use for high floors.

Franklin pumps can help you save costs and increase space to use Xiao Long Bao.

3. Application of power plant cooling water transportation

The demand for cooling water in power plants is relatively large. After the development of the water source, the cooling water needs to be transported to the power plant by high-power pumps, and the used cooling water needs to be transported to other places for arrangement. Franklin's many high-power pumps can meet this demand.

After the exchange between the two parties, our company further adjusted the company's business plan, looking forward to more business cooperation between the two parties.

Shanghai Yuke sells FRANKLIN submersible pumps (deep well pumps), and provides product solutions including submersible motors, submersible pumps, and submersible pumps.