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Atlas Copco air compressor introduction

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Atlas Copco air compressor

About Atlas Copco China

In the 1920s, Atlas Copco's products first entered the Chinese market by importing products from Europe. In 1959, Atlas Copco established its first company in Taiwan, China.

The four major business areas of the group: compressor technology, vacuum technology, industrial technology, and power technology have all entered China in an all-round way, providing customers with innovative products and solutions. Through a global network and multi-brand operations, all business areas provide customers with products and services such as air and gas compressors, power equipment, vacuum technology solutions, industrial tools and assembly systems, and cover sales, distribution, and services across the country And leasing network as its strong backing. As of the end of 2020, Atlas Copco has more than 20 companies in China with nearly 6,000 employees.

As one of the most important markets of the group, Atlas Copco will further develop the Chinese market, continuously expand its market share in China through innovative industrial solutions, and continue to provide Chinese customers with sustainable productivity.

Atlas Copco compressor products in China

* Oil-free air compressor

Oil-free air compressors are specially developed for applications where air quality is critical to end products and production processes. The full range of oil-free compressor solutions are suitable for various applications, including screw type, tooth type, centrifugal type, piston type, water jet type and scroll type.

* Oil-injected compressor

The full range of oil-injected screw air compressor series provide stable, energy-saving and smart AIR solution compressed air solutions. A full range of energy-saving oil-injected screw compressors can reduce energy consumption and help users reduce the total life cycle cost. Advanced technologies such as energy recovery can further reduce the total energy cost of users

* Oil-free blower suitable for low pressure applications

Atlas Copco (Atlas Copco) oil-free blowers come in a variety of specifications, designed for applications that require compressed air and pressures between 0.3 and 1.5 bar(g). By choosing a blower of the right type and size for your application, huge energy savings can be achieved. It is for this reason that we provide you with a variety of low pressure technologies, each of which is carefully developed to meet the exact pressure and flow requirements of your application and help you create a more sustainable production process.

* Use VSD blower to save energy as much as possible

Our variable speed drive (VSD) technology ensures that your unit does not use more energy than required, thereby effectively reducing energy consumption and reducing environmental impact.

* Process gas and air equipment

From LNG and chemical/petrochemical industries to fertilizer or air separation applications: the centrifugal turbocompressor, turboexpander and air screw compressor of the Atlas Copco air compressor can provide you with high efficiency and reliability. Challenging applications provide driving force.

Standard and customized compressor and expander units

Whether it is a standard model or a customized model, an integral gear drive or a single-axis solution: we firmly believe that you should choose a device that can specifically meet your application needs. We can provide you with a complete range of compressor and expander options.

Compressors and expanders complying with API and ISO standards

The process air and gas equipment we manufacture can meet more complex and stricter requirements and industry standards, including API 672, API 617 or ISO zero-grade oil-free standards and so on.

Shanghai Yuke sells Atlas Copco air compressors and provides various air compressor solutions.