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German PECKWOMY Actuator introduction

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German PECKWOMY Actuator

PECKWOMY Industrial Control System Co., Ltd. is located in Germany. Since 2000, they have specialized in the research and development of electric and pneumatic actuators. Their task is to design and produce high-quality products to provide the most reasonable solutions for the field of automatic valves. Their products provide a wide range of applications. The diversity of their customers proves this point. Customers cover all types of power plants (including nuclear power plants), mining industries, oil refineries, natural gas, oil and water pipelines. Their field of activity even involves food industry technology. Their products, technical support and other services are provided globally, for example in Western Europe, Southeast Asia, the Middle East and South America. Since its establishment, they have focused on expanding their network. Connect and open new markets, grow wisely and stay up to date in a rapidly changing market.

2. Part of the product introduction of German PECKWOMY actuators.

1. PECKWOMY electric actuator PWST series

PWST series electronic-body linear stroke electric actuator, small size, light weight, low power consumption, strong function, high reliability, easy operation, high efficiency, good protection performance, low noise, high intelligence, safety and reliability. On-site operation can also be controlled remotely. It can be widely used in electric power, metallurgy and petroleum. Chemical, paper, pharmaceutical, steel, water treatment, desulfurization and other industries, as well as various gas pipelines, high-temperature pipelines. The maximum stroke reaches 120mm, and the maximum thrust is up to 63KN. It is suitable for all kinds of straight-way valves (such as gate valves, single and two-seat seats, sleeves, three-way converging and shunting, diaphragms), throttle tubes and similar mechanisms and switch equipment or regulating control.

2. PECKWOMY multi-turn valve electric actuator M type

PECKWOMY multi-turn valve electric actuators, usually called M type, can be used for linear action valves, such as gate valves, diaphragm valves, check valves and water valves. Used to open, close or adjust valves. The power supply is three-phase alternating current, voltage 380V, 50HZ control line is 220V, 50HZ; remote control is 24V DC. Ambient temperature: -20C a + 60C, relative humidity: ≤90% (at 25C).

3.PECKWOMY electric actuator PWMOK series.

The torque range of PWMOK series electric actuators is 60Nm to 3000Nm, and there are many options in this range. Suitable for 90°rotating ball valves, butterfly valves, air damper baffles and other suitable 90” rotating equipment, which can meet the requirements of various industrial automation control pipelines. It can be widely used in power plants, petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, power plant desulfurization, water Processing, papermaking, shipbuilding, building automation and other industries.

4. PECKWOMY locator

The PECKWOMY positioner receives the 4-20mA signal from the controller or control system, transmits the signal to the air pressure, and then sends it to the pneumatic actuator to control the opening of the valve. The PECKWOMY positioner has a wide range of applications, and the product quality is trusted by customers.

PECKWOMY is specialized in the research and development of electric and pneumatic actuators since 2000. PECKWOMY's mission is to produce high-quality product designs and provide the most reasonable solutions in the field of automatic valves.

   PECKWOMY Pneumatic Actuator: It is suitable for the standard 90°, 120, 135°, 140, 180° double-acting rotators manufactured by Germany Timmer. The 90° angular stroke spring return actuator handwheel and the low friction coefficient of the eccentric load of the output shaft produce alcohol which will be borne by the acetal bearing. Functions at a glance

 1. Filtered, dry or lubricated compressed air, the maximum working pressure can reach 140psi (10bar), and it is driven by water or oil.

2. Internal rack and pinion, double piston design, composed of output shaft and pinion.

3. The honing cylindrical surface, bearing bush (acetal shaft spacing) piston guide ring has low friction resistance and can absorb the side thrust of the piston. All seals use permanently lubricated nitrile rubber O-rings, which do not need to be relubricated under normal working conditions.

4. The standard shaft mounting hole is positive, conforms to iso5211/din3337, and is easy to connect with the valve stem. 45° rotation angle device.

5. Supply hole NAMUR standard, easy to install solenoid valve directly.

PECKWOMY multi-turn actuator:

Multi-turn valve electric actuators, generally called M, can use linearly operated valves such as gate valves, diaphragm valves, check valves, and water. Used to open, close or adjust valves.

1. Power supply: 380V three-phase alternating current (special order or 660V 220V, 50Hz (60Hz) special order); control line is 220V, 50Hz (60Hz special order); remote control 24V

2. Ambient temperature: 20℃~+60℃ (special orders-60℃~+80℃).

3. Relative humidity: 90% (℃ when 25≤).

4. Surrounding medium: outdoor type is used for free in flammable environment, explosive and corrosive medium; explosion-proof products include DⅠ and DⅡBT4; DⅠ wording is not suitable for mining in coal mines; and DⅡBT4 can be applied in factories, and the requirements of the mixture meet the environment Protection level: IP55-IP67 outdoor type, explosion-proof type.

5. Operation law: only 10 minutes in one segment of the rotating mechanism. Applicable: suitable for ball valves, 90° rotating butterfly valves, air damper and other equipment suitable for 90° rotation to meet the requirements of various industrial automation control pipelines. It can be widely used in power plants, petroleum, chemical industry, metallurgy, power plant desulfurization, water treatment, papermaking, shipbuilding, building automation and other industries. The torque range of pwmok series electric actuators is from 60nm to 3000nm. There are many models in this range. choose. Functions at a glance

6. Housing: The anodized aluminum shell is coated with stearic acid and polyester powder, which is light in weight and has strong corrosion resistance. Protection grade IP67 (namur4 & 6), otherwise, the product selection of protection grade IP68 can be applied to various harsh environmental conditions.

7. Motor: The specially designed squirrel cage asynchronous motor starts to complain quickly after the starting torque peaks, and it has built-in overheating and overload protection. High output efficiency, high precision, low noise, small size, etc.

8. PCU: The integration of high-performance microprocessors does not require complicated settings at the installation site. One-key automatic calibration and self-calibration functions provide good user installation convenience.

9. Sealing: double O-rings to achieve two-way sealing

10. Manual mechanism: The manual clutch lever can realize the electric control function of the power clutch after manual and automatic reset. In addition, the size of the hand wheel is designed according to the needs of the driver, the torque is easy, fast and convenient to open the device.

Gear and self-locking device: When the power is off, the worm gear mechanism and two double-stage reduction gear boxes prevent the instantaneous reversing valve position from being inaccurate due to the valve, and can prevent the reversing valve position, ensuring accuracy and reliability. There is also a feature of high output efficiency and low noise.

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