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BluePure water purifier introduction

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BluePure System is a professional household water purification brand integrating R & D, production and sales. In 2005, Bluepure set up an operation center in China, focusing on bringing domestic water treatment products synchronized with the United States to the Chinese market. The business development covers the distribution and service of BluePure original imported series products.

BluePure always adhere to the consumer as the center, in providing the world's leading technology of original imported products at the same time, but also provide one-stop "gold medal after-sales service". The "HOT customer service system" of Lanpiaoer records the installation and use information of each user in detail, and can provide each user with professional, thoughtful, timely and considerate after-sales service through the national perfect after-sales service network.

BluePure started in the United States, belonging to the US Summit Group, founded in 1948 in New York, the United States, committed to the improvement of water, air and other living environment. For more than 70 years, it has always been focused on the technology, research and development and manufacturing of whole-house water purification and fresh air equipment. Up to now, we have established more than 1000 sales and service outlets around the world, and solved ten million water and air problems.

US Bluepure applies internationally mature and advanced technologies to a wide range of water treatment system products, including pre-filter, central water purifier, central water softener, terminal direct drinking machine and commercial water purifier. US Bluepure is famous in the world for its strong research and development capabilities, technological advantages, quality control ability three leading, to provide global consumers with quality environmental solutions and perfect service, we always believe that technology as the innovation of service, is to improve the quality of human life, fully enjoy the foundation of life.

Product series

Prefilter to Zhen Series -BWP-6000 LPE2000(S) LPE2000 Series -LWP3000

To Zhen Series -BWP-330H to Zhen Series -BWP-320C to Zhen Series -BWP-320E

Central Water Purifier to Zhen Series -LPE-KC-IM(T) to Zhen Series -LPE-KC-IM(S) Lanyi Series -LWF-I Lanyi Series -LWF-III LWF-IV LWF-IV

Central Softener to Reserve Series -BWS-110 to Reserve Series -BWS-150 to Reserve Series -BWS-210 to Reserve Series -BWS-250 to Reserve Series - BWS-2400 Blue Yee Series -LWS-I Blue Yee Series -LWS-III Blue Yee Series -LWS-IV

End direct drinking machine to the ultimate series of ultrafiltration -UF(III) blue series pure water machine -RL100 blue series pure water machine -RL400 blue series ultrafiltration UF-IV blue series ultrafiltration UF-V to the series of pure water machine -H6 to the series of pure water machine -L3 to the series of pure water machine -MINI+ to the series of pure water machine -PSRO to the series of pure water machine -PERO series of ultrafiltration -LDH-3G series of ultrafiltration LDH-2G

Wall-mounted pipeline machine for hot drink machine -DG-560 platform drinking all-in-one machine -DT636 commercial drinking all-in-one machine -DL-225 garbage processor BD-50D garbage processor BD-60D

Healthy and economical LPE2000(S)+IM(T)+BWS110+RL400

BWP-6000+IM(T)+BWS Luxury High-grade BWP-6000+IM(S)+BWS250+RW200(L3)+DG-560 Perfect World-free BWP-6000+IM(S)+BWS250+RW600(H6)

Safe drinking water type LPE2000(S)+RL100 intelligent simple type LPE2000(S)+RW75(H2)

Intelligent Dual Effect BWP6000+RW200(L3) Pan-free Drinking BWP6000+RW600(H6)

Shanghai Yuke sells BluePure water purifier and provides solutions of water purification system for the whole house.