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Introduction of A.O.Smith boiler EB series gas fired boiler

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Through technological innovation, A.O. Smith consistently provides customers with outstanding products and brings customers a more perfect product experience. As the leader in China's hot water industry, A.O. Smith always adheres to the concept of "focus on research and development, create high-quality products", and tries to expand its product field while continuously improving its product quality. In the commercial sector, A.O. Smith's products cover electricity, gas, air and other energy sources, with power from 6kW to 2549kW. A.O. Smith can choose the best product according to the actual situation of the user when customizing the solution for the user.

A.O. Smith straight flow low nitrogen gas hot water boiler is a professional hot water heating equipment for hotels, factories, hospitals, schools, office buildings, residential and other commercial places of domestic hot water tailored, its small size, high efficiency, stability, reliability, long life has been a large number of users have been fully verified, Has also brought the handsome return for the customer.

Technical parameters and performance characteristics of EB series gas fired boiler

EB series gas straight flow copper tube boiler, large power, reasonable structure design, vertical structure is very space-saving, suitable for large and medium-sized regional central heating and hot water needs, using copper finned tube heat exchanger, efficiency up to 95%; Thermal power 20%~100% stepless regulation, maximum energy saving, computer control interface, LED digital temperature display, easy operation, small volume, a single vertical boiler covers an area of not more than square meters. It saves a lot of floor space.

Product features:

(1) NOx≤30mg/m³, green and environmental protection:

Full premixed combustion mode: reduce the excess air coefficient, reduce the reaction material to generate NOx;

Low nitrogen burner: reduce the area of high temperature radiation area, reduce the retention time of flue gas in high temperature area, so that the N2 and O2 lose the energy of reaction.

(2) Under the variable load condition, the thermal efficiency is constant and up to 95% :

Full premixed combustion system can mix the ideal proportion of air and gas. Because the boiler adopts advanced swirl mixing technology and zero-pressure valve technology, the ratio of air and gas is always constant, and the proportion of smoke exhaust loss and heat dissipation loss is unchanged, so the thermal efficiency will not attenuate with the change of operating power and external conditions.

(3) DC frequency conversion fan:

DC frequency conversion, accurate regulation of air flow, output load 20%~100% stepless regulation; All aluminum fuselage, air and gas are fully mixed inside the fan; Provide air intake and smoke exhaust power, can achieve flexible smoke exhaust way.

(4) All-copper finned tubular heat exchanger:

Unique copper finned tube heat exchanger, waterway four-return design, heat transfer more efficient, efficiency up to 95%.

Copper has a high thermal conductivity

It is 7 times of ordinary steel and 8 times of cast iron

Copper finned tube has large heat exchange area

Each inch of length is covered with seven fins,

The heat transfer area is 10 times that of a light tube

Integral one time processing molding

(5) Intelligent group control

The boiler body built-in intelligent group control system, no need to configure additional control device, selected one of the boilers as the system host, easy to achieve control of the whole system, high compatibility; At the same time, it also integrates the functions of outdoor temperature compensation, energy saving operation at night, remote monitoring and so on. It is highly intelligent.

(6) occupy an extremely small area

EB boiler adopts vertical structure, compact design, minimal occupation, EB-10000C single boiler covers an area of only 2 square meters, compared with the traditional boiler, boiler room saves an area of more than 80%.

Shanghai Yuke sells A.O.Smith boilers and provides system heating solutions.