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CASC Emergency Rescue Equipment (Mobile Hospital) product introduce

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The medical equipment mainly completes the tasks of on-site injury classification, serious injury rescue, on-site operation, medical technology support, epidemic prevention detection, transportation of the wounded, postoperative monitoring and rehabilitation, etc. This series of equipment can be used to natural disasters, accidents disasters or social safety incident emergency rescue, can also be used for medical treatment, residents health physical examination tasks such as circuit, can meet the function and equipment configuration of standardized, modular combination of requirements, and has set up the modern emergency medical rescue work, mobile, informationization and self protection.

In major rescue missions at home and abroad, with excellent equipment, Suzhou Jiangnan Aerospace has successively participated in the world peacekeeping operations of the United Nations in Turkey, the Democratic Republic of Congo and Haiti. Health and epidemic prevention vehicles produced by the company participated in the fight against SARS in 2003; Caravanning, ambulance, health and epidemic prevention, products such as mobile hospital many times to participate in Nepal earthquake of wenchuan, yushu, zhouqu mudslide and hainan severe storms and other major natural disaster rescue and logistics, and effectively support the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games security work, for our country's modernization construction and construction has made a significant contribution to the international image.

Shanghai Yuke sells CASC emergency rescue equipment (mobile hospital), provides camping vehicles, emergency vehicles, health and epidemic prevention vehicles, mobile hospitals and other products.