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Introduction of EBARA water pump

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Ebara Machinery (China) Co., Ltd. EBARA, as a wholly-owned subsidiary ofEbara Manufacturing Co., Ltd., provides advanced general-purpose pumps, firepumps, industrial pumps, water supply units and replacements for customers inthe construction, industrial, municipal, water conservancy, and electricThermal units, cooling towers, water treatment and large customized pumpproducts, as well as high-quality services.

EBARA is famous for producing advanced water pumps, water supply units,cooling towers and heat exchange units. As a comprehensive environmentalengineering technology company, EBARA has more than 16,000 employees worldwide,has businesses in more than 100 countries and regions, and has 92 productionbases, business branches and research and development centers. Ebara Machinery(China) Co., Ltd. is committed to developing and serving local customers.

EBARA's unit products are widely used and have a wide range of products,covering power frequency water supply units, box-type pipe network superimposedwater supply equipment-terminal intelligent voltage stabilization control,tank-type pipe network superimposed water supply equipment-terminal intelligentvoltage stabilization control, terminal Intelligent voltage stabilizationcontrol, high-efficiency heat exchange unit, etc.

EBARA also provides submersible pumps and submersible sewage pumps for avariety of applications, including crushing and cutting types.

The flow rate of the broken type can reach: 18m³/h, the maximum lift is33m, and it is mainly used in sewage discharge: rural, hospital, residential,factory and other sewage and sewage discharge.

The maximum flow rate of the cutting type can reach 138m³/H, the maximumhead: 21.8m, and the passable dimension length: 195mm-300mm, which candischarge large volume impurities. Suitable for: sewage, kitchen drainage,industrial water discharge.

 EBARA pump product application typical customers: Shanghai PudongAirport, Guangzhou Metro, Suzhou Metro, Nanjing Metro, Guangzhou BaiyunAirport, BOE, Master Kong Holdings Co., Ltd., China Resources Land, ChinaPetrochemical Corporation, South-to-North Water Transfer Sihong PumpingStation, etc.

Shanghai Yuke sells EBARA water pumps and provides complete sets ofrelated pump systems.