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Williams pneumatic metering pump

产品分类: Metering Pump
    Shanghai Yu ke mechanical and electrical technology co., LTD., is Williams pneumatic metering pump agents, welcome to inquire: 0086-021-62288709.

         Williams was founded in 1965 and is a production division in Los Angeles, specializing in pneumatic metering pumps and chemical additive systems.Williams is committed to the development of high quality, high accuracy, high reliability and safe "I}" products at the beginning of the company.After decades of unremitting efforts, it has gained wide respect in the industry and has become the leading supplier of pneumatic metering pumps and chemical and drug systems.As a modern manufacturing company, Williams offers its products with excellent performance through agents and regional offices around the world.Experienced sales people can provide suitable products according to different requirements of the household.The strong technical development team keeps rolling out new products, so that the company is always in the leading position in the industry.

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