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The application of German Wilo pumps in sewage collection and rainwater transfer

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The progress of urbanization and thecurrent global water shortage make the rational use of water resources particularly important. The wastewater treatment process cannot be ignored. The improvement of wastewater treatment technology has auxiliary significance to environmental protection.

Wilo pumps can find a good solution for wastewater treatment needs involving pumping, mixing, ventilation, filtrationor (sewage) water disinfection. According to actual requirements, flow andhead, you can find Wilo for various media (Wilo) Water pumps, such as sewage,sludge, muddy water, abrasive or fiber-containing media.

All buildings and houses in the worldproduce wastewater, which must be treated reliably to meet sanitary standardsand avoid unpleasant smells. Therefore, when sewage cannot fall freely into thesewage pipe system, it is necessary to use efficient building technology toreduce the content of harmful substances in the waste water, reduce theconcentration of waste water (infiltration water), and divert various types ofwaste water (rainwater, sewage and wastewater) ), reduction of residues insewage treatment, utilization of various wastewater streams (grey water, urine,etc.), etc.

There are mainly the following categoriesof WILO wastewater:

FAG submersible sewage pump

* Features: FAG series submersible sewagepumps are unique in design, which can ensure a high degree of stability duringoperation and prevent sudden accidents in harsh working environments.

* Closed impeller: The pump is equippedwith a closed impeller, which can be widely used in construction and industrialdrainage operations. The impeller is mainly made of cast iron, which not onlyguarantees performance, but also prolongs the service life of the impeller.Pumps with power ≤ 7.5kW can beequipped with a reamer device. The reamer device is made of high chromiumstainless steel, which is used to ream long fibers and long solid dirt toprevent the pump from clogging.

* Short shaft design: The shorter shaftdesign can significantly avoid shaft deflection, thereby prolonging the life ofseals and bearings, and maintaining low vibration and quiet operation.

* Heavy-duty ball bearings: high-qualitylifelong maintenance-free lubricated bearings are used. All ball bearings arepre-filled with lubricating oil to ensure that they do not need to belubricated during the service life.

* Two mechanical seal systems: Twomechanical seal systems are located in the lubricating oil chamber to ensurethat the pump will not malfunction during operation.

* Cooling system: water pump with power ≥11kW, optional motor with watercirculation cooling system, can be used for dry installation or low waterlevel.

* protective device

Overheating protection: water pumps withpower ≤4kW areequipped with bimetallic temperature sensors, and water pumps with power ≥5.5kW are equipped with thermistorPTC as standard.

Leakage protection: Water pumps with power ≥5.5kW are equipped with leakagesensors in the motor cavity and oil chamber to detect whether there is liquidinfiltration inside the motor. The oil chamber leakage sensor is used to alarmwhen the external medium seeps into the oil chamber too much to prevent theexternal medium from entering the motor. If the oil chamber leakage sensorfails and the external medium seeps into the motor, the motor cavity leakagesensor will alarm and stop the motor to protect the motor from being burnt dueto moisture.

Through the control cabinet, the electricpump is protected against phase loss, overload, undervoltage and short circuit.

* Installation method: underwater orportable installation; or underwater auto-coupling installation.

* Application

FAG series products are ideal products forwaste water, sewage, surface water and clean water transportation in municipal,construction and some industrial fields.

RexaCut sewage pump

Features of RexaCut sewage pump:

* Can be submerged installation;

* The vortex impeller is not easy to beblocked;

* Double mechanical seal;

* An external humidity probe can beselected in the sealed cavity;

* Running smoothly;

* Easy to install, coupling type or waterpump base installation;

RexaCut sewage pump application

* Long-term operation or intermittentoperation:

* Waste water and sewage; waste watercontaining feces;

* The maximum solid content of sludge canreach 8% (according to the selected hydraulic components). Domestic wastewaterdischarged from pump pits and sewage tanks and construction site drainage complywith EN 12050 standards.

HiSewlift sewage lifter

Features of HiSewlift sewage lifter

* Automatically operated miniature sewagelifter with shredder;

* The horizontal or vertical connectionport can be directly connected to the toilet;

* Built-in activated carbon filter caneffectively absorb peculiar smell;

* Self-sealing, compact structure, savingspace;

HiSewlift sewage lifter application

* With shredder, can be directly connectedto the toilet;

* Automatically raise the domestic sewagegenerated from toilets, wash trays, shower rooms, etc.;

HiDrainlift sewage lifter

Features of HiDrainlift sewage lifter:

* Reliable sewage lifting performance,lower power consumption and lower noise;

* Built-in activated carbon filter caneffectively absorb peculiar smell;

* Self-sealing, compact structure, savingspace;

HiDrainlift sewage lifter application

* Automatically raise the domestic sewagegenerated by wash basins, shower rooms, bathtubs, washing machines anddishwashers;

Plavis condensate riser

Plavis condensate riser features

* Suitable for condensing water incondensing boilers, air conditioning and refrigeration systems;

* Easy to install, adapt to a variety ofwater inlets and outlets, high operational safety, equipped with sound andlight alarm signals;

* Low operating noise;

Plavis condensate riser application

* Condensing boiler (neutralization systemmust be used with oil boiler);

* Air conditioning and refrigerationsystems (such as cold storage and evaporators);

Drainlift M features

* The system is light in weight and easy toinstall;

* Free choice of water inlet, highflexibility;

* Integrated motor overheating protectionand independent power supply alarm, making the operation more reliable;

* The vortex impeller can effectively dealwith long fibers;

Plavis condensate riser application

* Raising sewage in the basement of civilbuildings, villas, apartments;

* Reconstruction of the drainage system ofsmall and medium commercial buildings;

Wilo-EMUport Wilo prefabricated pumping stationsystem

Wilo-EMUport Wilo prefabricated pumpingstation system features:

* Smaller through ball diameter;

* Optimized anti-blocking performance;

* Longer service life;

* Reliable operation and easy maintenance;

Wilo-EMUport Wilo prefabricated pumping stationsystem application:

* Collection and transportation ofwastewater

Shanghai Yuke sells German Wilo pumps,including various pumps and sewage lifting devices, constant pressure watersupply devices, etc.