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MH 3750, SIKA hand-held temperature measuring instrument with sensors

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Applications: Digital universal temperature handheld tool using the replaceable PT100 sensor

Product Features:

* Sensors and probes

High-precision signal detection and processing is achieved by powerful sensors and linearization of electronic characteristic curves. The correct probe can be used for a wide range of measurement tasks.

* Comfortable operation

Attractive housing and advanced technology design make the sensor comfortable to operate. In mobile use, you only need to press the button to select and implement all functions. Keyboard film ensures dust and moisture resistance.

* Multi-function display

Not only can you display minimum/maximum values, hold functions and select units of measurement, but different calculation values can also be displayed on a multi-function display, such as temperature difference, pressure difference, dew point or heat capacity.

Input: Automatic identification sensors through standard DIN sockets provide a plug and play solution that is easy to install.

Output: Extensive alarm function through display, buzzer, freely extensible standard signal output and computer interface.

Data storage (logging) : Some instruments in the MH family can store data. The integrated memory can store up to 16,200 measurements. Data and time are automatically added to the measured values. A real-time clock has been added for this purpose.

* Two logging functions:

In storage mode, data is transferred by pressing a button and 99 records can be stored. The stored data can be displayed directly on the display screen.

In a loop job, data is automatically recorded at a predetermined time interval. 16200 test values can be stored. Recorded test values can be displayed on the computer.

PC interface

In order to transfer the measured and stored data to the computer, most MH instruments are equipped with a serial interface to transfer the measured and stored values to the computer. Software package EBS9M provides extensive recording and display capabilities for SOFT3050 evaluation of recording and alarm values. The measurement program can then be used to record and visualize the process sequence explicitly monitored and analyzed, and all the data can be exported to standard programs such as Excel.

Alarm and time display

When measurements exceed or fall below the set alarm point, visual and auditory alarm signals will be displayed. Transmission via computer is also possible. Thanks to the real-time clock, all the data can be displayed with a year and date.  

Certificate: To confirm the outstanding accuracy of quality assurance applications in the service industry, measurement and control shop, offer a Works or DKD certificate from our DAkkS Laboratory.

Works Test Certificate: 4 measuring points up to 650°C

DAkkS certificate: 4 measuring points up to 500°C

Technical parameters:

Measuring range:199.99... 199.99 ° c.\200.0... 850.0 ° c.

The resolution of the:0.01 (199.99 ° C... 199.99 ° C)\0.1 (200.0 ° C... 850.0 ° C)

The precision range : ± 0.015% ±1 at the end

Enter 1 x Mini-DIN - socket for PT100/4 - wire

The output:Analog output 0... 1 V

Scalable, easy to read data

Alarm and time display

Minimum-maximum alarm signals through display, interface and buzzer

A clock showing the actual year and date

Log function

CYCLE:99 Data Sets (TEMP1, time and Date)

Manual data set reading via keystroke

16 200 data sets (temp1)

Automatic data set reading in the set interval

Adjustable measurement interval of 1 second... 60 points

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