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Festo pneumatic cylinder introduction

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Festo was founded in 1925 in Esslingen, Germany. It isa global independent family business with footprints in 61 countries andregions. The company mainly provides automation technology and technicaltraining solutions for various industries.

Festo invests a lot of money and manpower in productresearch and development, among which research and development funds accountfor about 8% of turnover. There are many combinations of products developed:

* About 33,000 types ofproducts, hundreds of thousands of products

* Approximately 15,000customer solutions per year

* Pneumatic, pneumatic servoand electronic automation technology

* Industry-related trainingprograms and industry consulting

FESTO has many branches all over the world, covering61 countries and regions, and has authorized institutions in 40 countries andregions.

Festo's products are of reliable quality, and thefactory has passed various quality certifications

* ISO 9001 (since 1990)/ISO 14001.

* PED 97/23/EC, Module D1-Pressure Receptacle Standard(since 2004) * ISO/IEC 80079-34 (since 2013), used for explosion-proof products(2004-2013 in line with EN 13980 standard)

* ISO 13485 (since 2015)

Festo automation products are mainly used for factoryautomation to improve production efficiency:

* Drive drive

* Motor and controller Motor and controller

* Crawl system Crawl system

* Vacuum technology Vacuum technology

* Valves and valve islands Valves and valve islands

* Motion Terminal (digital control terminal)

* Sensor sensor

* Image processing system Image processing system

* Air source treatment Air source treatment

* Connection technology Connection technology

* Control technology and software control technologyand software

* Specific function system Specific function system

* Other pneumatic equipment Other pneumatic equipment

Festo process automation products are mainly used toensure the safety of daily operations:

* Valve and valve island

* Electric and pneumatic directional control valve

* Electric and pneumatic directional control valve

* Standard directional control valve

* Universal directional control valve

* Directional control valve for specific applications

* Electric or pneumatic

* Electric and pneumatic directional control valve

* Machine control and manual control directionalcontrol valve

* Machine control and manual control directionalcontrol valve

* Directional control valve with mechanical drivecomponents, such as plunger, roller lever, swing lever, spring tentacles, etc.

* Machine-controlled and hand-controlled directionalcontrol valves: stop valves, one-way valves, ball valves and shut-off valves,quick-plug exhaust valves…

Festo cylinder products are widely used in the automotiveindustry, electronics industry, food processing and packaging industry,biotechnology, pharmaceutical and cosmetics industry, chemical industry, watertreatment industry, etc., and are your most convenient choice.

Shanghai Yuke sells Festo pneumatic products,cylinders, solenoid valves, triple parts, etc.