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American TUTHILL gear oil pump introduction

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American TUTHILL Pump Industry Group islocated in Chicago and San Francisco, and has ISO9001 certification. Theproducts are widely used in industrial chemical, petrochemical and lubricatingoil industries. Among them, there are many gear pump product series, which canbe selected for specific applications.

GG series internal gear pump suitable forvarious harsh and high viscosity media

GG series pump application medium: mud,suspended particles, concentrated acid, chemicals, high temperature liquid,sludge, resin, waste water, foam, sugar residue, paint, polymer, plastic,medicine, food, sensitive to shear Liquid etc.

* Heavy-duty structure design can run dryand ensure a long service life

* Back-pull design for easy maintenance

* Flow rate is 124m³/H

* Pressure difference up to 13.8Bar

* Viscosity up to 220000cst

Magnetic drive miniature gear pump suitablefor corrosion-resistant occasions

P series, T series, D series, V seriesmagnetic drive external gear pump has the characteristics of no pulsation, no dynamicseal, and no leakage. The pump head is made of PPS high wear-resistantengineering plastics, with compact structure and small size, which is suitablefor micro-flow transportation and high-precision measurement.

* Temperature: -460℃~1760℃

* Viscosity: 0.3cst~50000cst

* Measurement accuracy: ±0.25% (Max)

General purpose internal gear pump forlubrication and circulation applications

L series, G series, C series, 1000 seriesinternal gear pumps have a long history in lubrication and circulationapplications. They are mainly used in compressors, gear boxes, fuel oil, bulktransportation, engines, filtration, transportation and other markets. Theinternal gear pump product has a unique reversal characteristic (the directionof rotation is changed, the inlet and outlet are unchanged), and there are avariety of options for installation, driving and sealing.

* L series: flow rate 0~3m³/h, maximumpressure difference: 34.5Bar.

* C series: flow rate 0-19m³/h, maximumpressure difference 10.3Bar.

* G series: flow rate 0~4.5m³/h, maximumpressure difference 6.9Bar.

Shanghai Yuke sells American TUTHILL gear oil pumps, and provides complete sets of gear pumps and related systemsolutions.