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PROMINENET DULCOTEST® PH sensor for water treatment

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The PH value measured range : 0 to 14

PROMINENET PH measurements with the DULCOTEST® sensor: real-time measurements that are accurate, reliable, and compatible with the application. Control, regulate, and inspect chemical processes by means of precise measurements.

Reliably measure PH online - with the aid of the DULCOTEST® sensor

When measuring and regulating PH online, it is important in principle to record PH as accurately, in real time, and reliably as possible, while ensuring that the measurements are highly available, for the purpose of examining, controlling, or regulating chemical processes.

DULCOTEST® PH sensor product line includes a wide variety of products (PH sensors)

PH sensor production goes through the most rigorous quality inspection (including inspection in accordance with the RoHS specification (specification for restrictions on the use of certain harmful ingredients in electrical and electronic equipment), automatically performs routine production steps, and manually performs critical steps along with specialized inspections. Thus can optimize the product quality and reduce the cost.

DULCOTEST® PH sensor Features:

* Accurate and reliable PH measurements enable efficient process control and a high degree of process reliability.

* A wide variety of sensor types with different structures are available to ensure that they can be reliably applied in a wide range of applications.

* Achieve high service life with the best material quality of glass and film cap and stable reference system and optimized production.

* Maximum and efficient use of the pH sensor life is achieved with reduced storage time and rapid delivery (all glass sensors begin to age after production)

* There is a wide variety of special specifications for installation lengths, cable lengths, and plugs to ensure perfect integration into the process flow.

DULCOTEST® PH sensor technology details:

* Select sensor type according to application.

* Installation Angle must be greater than 15° (Angle to horizontal) (PHEK-L is an exception: horizontal to vertical).

* Maximum sampling water flow < 0.8 m/s.

* When the cable length is greater than 10 m, use RHV1 4-20 mA transmitter.

* Calibrate with buffer solution.

* PH sensor PHES 112 SE.

* PH sensor for potable water treatment, swimming pool/whirlpool tub applications (not exceeding 60 °C/3 bar).

PH range 1... 12.

Temperature 0... 60 ° c.

Maximum pressure is 3,0 bar

Minimum conductivity 150 S/cm

A gel containing potassium chloride in the electrolyte

Ceramic membrane cap

Sensor shaft glass

The diameter of the sensor shaft is 12 mm

Installation length 120 ±3 mm

Install vertical to +25°

Screw into thread PG 13,5

Electrical connection SN6 connector, rotatable, equipped with ProMinent cable

Protection level IP 65

Installation of bypass: an open outlet for measuring water or a return line that directs the pipes for measuring water return, on-line: directly installed in the pipes; Fixed or replaceable (quick replacement accessories), tank, tank: immersed, located in a submerged tube

Measurement and control Equipment All DULCOMETER® measurement and control equipment

Typical applications include swimming pools, whirlpool baths, and drinking water.

Anti-corrosive disinfectant

Principle of measurement, technique Direct potential measurement, 2 electrodes, gel electrolyte, ceramic membrane cap, separate temperature measuring device required (for temperature compensation)

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