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Introduction of Bray Valve

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The BRAY valve is mainly provided by BrayInternational, which is headquartered in Houston, Texas, USA. Bray China is thebranch of Bray International in China. It has legal entities such as Bray(China) Control System Co., Ltd., Bray (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., and Bray HongKong, including global factories in China and many other legal entities. Salesbranches. Bray (China) Control System Co., Ltd. is located in Hangzhou,covering an area of 53,000 square meters. It is one of the world's largest butterfly valve and controlsystem manufacturing plants. The factory has strict quality control, has passedthe ISO9001 system, has CE\UL\NSF and other related certification certificates,and meets the requirements of many countries.

Borley mainly produces and sells DN25-DN3000manual butterfly valves/pneumatic butterfly valves/electrically adjustablebutterfly valves/three-eccentric metal seal valves; DN15-DN300manual/pneumatic/electric Flow-tek ball valves, Rite check valves and a seriesof completely new designs The auxiliary equipment includes electric andpneumatic actuators, valve positioners, solenoid valves, valve positiondetectors, etc. The products are widely used in various industries and have wonunanimous praise from customers at home and abroad.

Bo Lei company mainly provides thefollowing products:

Butterfly valve, actuator & controlaccessories:

* Triple eccentric butterfly valve caliber80mm-1500mm, ASME class 150\300\600\900.

* Double eccentric butterfly valve, caliber65mm-1500mm, ASME class 150\300\600

* Rubber-lined valve seat, caliber25mm-3000mm, 20 bar

Ball valve, actuator & controlaccessories

* V type control, 6mm-300mm, 151bar.

* 3-piece type, 6mm-300mm, 151bar.

* Flange type: 12mm-300mm, ASME class150\300

* Fixed type: 50mm-900mm, ASME class150\300\600\900\1500\2500

* Multi-diameter: 6mm-80mm, ASME class150\300

* Threaded type: 6mm-80mm, 138 Bar

* Cryogenic ball valve: 6mm-80mm, ASMEclass 150\300.

Rite check valve & accessories:25-1500mm, ASME class 125\2500

Knife gate valve:

Fluorine-lined valve-ball valve &butterfly valve:

Shanghai Yuke sells American Bray valves,and provides butterfly valves, ball valves, check valves, etc. and relatedcomplete sets of valves.