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Milton Roy metering pump product introduction

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American Milton-Roy has a comprehensivemetering pump product line, and its product performance, accuracy anddurability standards are regarded as industry benchmarks.

In 1936, Milton Roy concentrated resourcessuch as technology, engineering, and production to develop and produce productsthat can accurately control and transport fluids such as water, high-viscosityslurry, corrosive chemicals, highly toxic substances, and other difficult-to-transport media. equipment.

Milton Roy strictly controls the quality ofproduct production. Its global factories have passed ISO certification. Pumps,agitators, systems and spare parts are produced to high standards and complywith international standards, such as NACE, ISO, API, ATEX, CE And otherstandards.

The factory has passed ISO 9001, ISO 14001,ISO/TS 29001:2010 and OHSA 18001 certifications.

Milton Roy's products are widely used,including standard series, specially designed pumps, the latest chemicaltechnology products, and dosing systems and accessories. The metering pump hasa single diaphragm and double diaphragm design, with a variety of hydraulicends to choose from; enhanced drive device, minimum maintenance requirements;electronic and pneumatic transmission device to ensure accurate automaticvolume adjustment; remote stroke adjustment can also be programmed Thecontroller realizes that the stroke regulator guarantees that at any set pointat a constant speed, the steady-state accuracy of the flow is controlled within±1%.

Application of Milton Roy Products in HighPressure Methanol Chemical Filling

Methanol is a commonly used chemical in theoil and gas industry, mainly used on offshore platforms. Depending on the processrequirements, continuous or intermittent addition of methanol will prevent theformation of hydrates. Generally, methanol is volatile during use and is likelyto cause danger to people and the environment.

In order to effectively transport methanol,high pressure must be used to overcome friction loss, but the toxic nature ofmethanol also requires that leakage be minimized during efficient transmission.Milton Roy metering pump and chemical dosing system are developed andintegrated for high-pressure methanol filling to ensure safe delivery. TheMilton Roy diaphragm fluid end provides safe and effective chemical deliverywith only minor or no leakage. In addition, the modular design enables multiplepump heads and customized configurations to ensure that the performance ismaximized in the case of small size.

Application of Injection Pump in Milton RoyCatalyst Reactor

Many industrial processes must usecatalysts. These catalysts may be toxic, so safe, efficient and accurate dosingis essential.

Milton Roy has many years of experience inthe development of metering pump technology. Metering pumps can be used totransport hazardous chemicals and require the use of catalyst reactors in theoperating environment of the process. The hydraulically driven diaphragmmetering pump technology is designed to transmit ±1% steady-state accuracy,100:1 turndown ratio, variable frequency drive and electric/pneumaticactuators. Modular design is the key to success. Our design is suitable for allkinds of liquid end to meet the needs of different processes. In addition, themultiple pump head technology is applied to different sizes and can handlevarious ranges of flow and pressure conditions.

Milroyal® series metering pumps arereliable industrial metering pumps used in key processes in industrial fields,such as oil and natural gas, chemical and petrochemical, industrial watertreatment, etc. The main features:

* Flexible configuration: Pumps with threefoot sizes cover the full range of flow and pressure. Through multiple pumpheads, one motor can drive up to 16 pumps.

* Leak-proof: metal, high-performancediaphragm and special applications.

The diaphragm can prevent leakage at pressures up to 20,000 pounds per square inch (1380 bar). Precise flow controlThrough manual adjustment, electric adjustment, pneumatic adjustment, andfrequency conversion adjustment, chemical delivery can be flexibly controlled.

Shanghai Yuke sells Milton Roy metering pumps, mixers, dosing devices and other products, providing comprehensive technical solutions.