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SIKA magnetic induction flow sensor type VMI07

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SIKA magnetic induction flow sensor type VMI07 application field:

SIKA VMI 07 is used for services such as machine cooling process and plant engineering construction.

SIKA Magnetic induction flow sensor Type VMI07

The intelligent flow sensor induQ® series operates on the principle of induction: measuring the pipe in a magnetic field (B). If the flow rate (Q) of a conducting medium is measured, the medium flows through the measuring pipe, thus forming an induced voltage (U) in the medium in a magnetic field at a right Angle. This voltage is proportional to the average flow rate and is detected by both electrodes.

There are two kinds of output signals proportional to the flow:

· frequency output signal (standard)

· analog output signal and the frequency (optional)

The pulse rate can be configured in the factory.

The induQ® sensor makes it possible to measure the flow rate/volume flow rate or quantitative feed of conductive liquid without any moving parts. It is the ideal flow sensor with high precision and high reliability

SIKA magnetic induction flow sensor type VMI07 Technical parameters:

Diameter DN 7

Flow range 0,5... 30 l/min

Thread connection G -ISO 228 external thread

Pulse output precision * ±1, 5% of the reading ± 0, 3% of the total range

Repeatability * 1%

Medium minimum conductive water and other conductive medium / 50 S/cm

Temperature of medium -20... 90 ° c.

The pressure PN 16

Pulse output standard: 1000 pulses/liter

Analog output (optional):4... 20 mA / 0... 10 V

Power supply 24 VDC ±10 %

Wiring plug connection M12 x 1

EN 60529 IP65 (with cable socket included)

* Test conditions: water, 23 °C, 150 ±100 S; Standard pulse rate

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