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Visiting Tianying Group to discuss cooperation with Ebara pump

管理员:煜科管理人气:21发表时间:2020-08-18 17:14

Tianying Group is headquartered in Haian, Jiangsu. In 2019, it wasselected as one of the top 500 listed manufacturing companies in China forvalue creation. The main business includes garbage incineration powergeneration, sewage treatment and water supply and drainage, garbage collectionand street cleaning.

From 1997 in the field of high-concentration wastewater treatment, to2017, it began to provide customers with a 5A environmental service solution ofall scenarios, all categories, all intelligence, all processes, and alldisposal, and entered a new era of solid waste industry chain development.

Our company visited Tianying, received a warm reception from theleaders, and communicated with relevant personnel in the purchasing departmentand technical department. It means to use our imported brand products as muchas possible in high-demand occasions. Generally, the make-up pump in the boilerwill involve Sulzer, KSB and other brands.

In the future, when there are imported brands, let us Ebara pumps participate in the competition.

Shanghai Yuke sells Ebara water pumps, providing complete sets ofequipment such as variable frequency constant pressure water supply, rainwaterpumping stations, sewage lifting devices, etc.