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Today, two leaders of Ebara mechanical pumps visited our company

管理员:煜科管理人气:34发表时间:2020-08-12 17:46

Two leaders from Ebara Pumps came to our company this afternoon toexchange views on the projects they have recently participated in.

Minister Huang said that in terms of the factory project, the pump hasgained a lot, and the cumulative supply of BOE has reached 300-400 million. TheHefei Visionox project also supplied more than 10 million.

In this year's Nanjing Lishui Water Plant project, Ebara pumps won morethan 11 million bids. Recently, China State Construction has won more than tensof thousands of bids.

At present, our company is participating in bidding for the elderlyactivity center and the flower and tree project. Ebara Pump expressed itswillingness to support our company.

Ebara expressed willingness to strengthen cooperation in brandpromotion, and our company provides resources from related consulting companies.

Shanghai Yuke sells Ebara mechanical water pumps and provides completesolutions for rainwater pumping station systems, sewage lifting devices, andconstant pressure water supply.