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SEKO wastewater treatment monitoring instrument Kontrol 50 series

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Water treatment industry is technology-driven industry, industry laws and regulations is strict requirements. SEKO provides metering pumps and associated control equipment (electric and pneumatic stroke regulators) covering basically any demand and all possible flow rate/pressure ranges. In practical application, the waste water plant needs to use metering pump to add sterilization, filtration, purification, coagulation, flocculation and other required treatment chemicals. SEKO metering pump can flexibly adjust chemical dose ratio according to process conditions to meet these requirements. For example, chemical agents: concentrated sulfuric acid and dilute sulfuric acid, caustic soda, ferric chloride, scale inhibitor, potassium permanganate, polymer, aluminum sulfate, sodium hypochlorite, calcium hypochlorite, acetic acid, RO pump SMBS, sulfuric acid, scale inhibitor, neutralization pump (caustic agent, sulfuric acid), etc.

Therefore, to ensure that the water quality meets the established standards, we need to balance the relationship between the variables affecting the water quality, which requires a high-precision monitoring and dosing system. SEKO can provide a variety of meters to meet the needs of the water treatment industry, which can operate normally in both internal and external environments. SEKO instrument products have various types, wide application range, strong flexibility, and can be easily integrated and used with common equipment of various water treatment processes.

SEKO waste water treatment monitoring instrument Kontrol 50 series product introduction:

Kontrol 50 is a single parameter water quality monitor designed to meet many water treatment fields such as mineral water processing, pure water, CIP, food production and processing, boiler water treatment and so on. Independent proportional control output, probe quality monitoring and other relay output and Settings can be realized. Simple operation, convenient, intuitive display, easy to understand.

Kontrol 50 is suitable for the following applications: drinking water, irrigation systems, cooling towers, swimming pools, flocculation and dosing systems, wastewater, purified water, and reverse osmosis. To further improve the recognizability of programming and data reading, Kontrol 50 adopts reverse display function to facilitate users to obtain higher contrast through the screen; Multicolor backlight display, four different colors of backlight feedback instrument different working state. The index menu mode is adopted to facilitate the operation and use of users and after-sales service to guide customers through telephone commissioning on site.

Application features of Kontrol series 50:

* PH: Measurement range: 0-14pH; Measurement accuracy: ±0.01pH;

* ORP: Measurement range: ± 2000 mV; Measurement accuracy: ±1 mV;

* Conductivity: measured range: 0.054-400,000 S; Measurement accuracy: ±2%;

* Flow: Measurement range: 0-99,999 L/ s; Measurement accuracy: ±0.5Hz;

* Residual chlorine: Measurement range: 0-200 PPM; Measurement accuracy: ±0.01ppm;

* Residual chlorine (glass or current probe)

* Measurement range: 0-20 PPM; Measurement accuracy: ±0.01ppm;

* Temperature: Measurement range: 0-100°C; Measurement accuracy: ±0.2°C

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