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Germany SIKA hydraulic pump P700 series introduction

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Easy to operate hydraulic test pumpsand pressure generators are specially designed for medium and high pressureranges. The hydraulic pump has a built-in hydraulic oil storage container.Pressure of 700 bar or 1000 bar depending on model. SIKA test pumps andpressure generators are suitable for testing, adjusting and calibratingpressure sensors, pressure gauges, pressure switches, safety valves and alltypes of pressure equipment. Optimized functionality can be applied orfacilitated to specific performance tests and verifications.

<st1:country-region w:st="on">Germany</st1:country-region> SIKA hydraulic pump P700 applicationfield:

SIKA test pressure pumps and pressuregenerators are widely used in workshops, field test and measurement rooms andlaboratories. Covering different application industries: assembly andcommissioning, manufacturing and production, maintenance and service, qualityassurance and test equipment monitoring, repair

<st1:country-region w:st="on">Germany</st1:country-region> SIKA hydraulic pump P700 productcharacteristics:


The test pump and pressure generatorare to be tested using adapters to connect directly to all pressure systems.Industrial hoses can be used very well

Easilyconnect to test samples through integrated quick connectors and adapters. Thereference is mounted directly on the top of the pump for proper positioning


First use the handle to adjust togenerate the required test pressure, then use the trimmer valve to adjustprecisely. As a result, the pressure on both gauges is the same. The pressurerelease valve allows continuous decompression and ensures accurate and simpletesting even with reduced pressure.

In the simplest case, the pressure isshown by the analog pressure gauge. Easy-to-read digital pressure gauges orhand-held instruments can also be used. The accuracy or adjustment of thepressure measuring equipment can be achieved by comparing the displayedreference value with the measured value of the test equipment.

Mobile and independent:

SIKA test pumps and pressure generatorsare ideal for mobile use. Their low weight and compact design make them easy totransport directly to measurement stations. The instrument can be used immediatelywithout the need for additional power. It is not necessary to take a nitrogenbottle or connect the equipment to a compressed air network. Manual pressuregeneration without wear is simple and easy regardless of ambient temperatureand direction.

OEM and full edition

Depending on the model, a matchingpressure hose is essential for OEM test pumps. Hydraulic hose equipped withautomatic sealing quick connector. All commonly used inch, taper or metricadapters for common joint threads are included in the full version. The pumpalso includes a matching seal kit. All the equipment is in a suitcase with foamsponge.

SIKAhydraulic pump is widely used in the Marine industry, welcome to consult!