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Zenit submersible pump used in Jinshan rural sewage treatment

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Zenit submersible pumps are used in Jinshan rural sewage treatment. Theyare mainly equipped with DGBLUE series submersible pumps to make an integratedpumping station. The first batch of orders was successfully delivered and theresponse was good. Helping the governance of Jinshan's rural life.

In recent years, the rural living environment has been comprehensivelyimproved. Green water and green mountains are Jinshan and Yinshan. Thefollowing is the approach taken by Jinshan.

Rural domestic sewage often drains straight into rivers or flows intofarmland along with rainwater, easily causing water pollution. In order tocontrol rural domestic sewage, Jinshan District has successively carried outrural domestic sewage reconstruction projects. By the end of last year, morethan 40,000 households had been completed. This year, 14,000 households wereincluded in the scope of remediation. It is expected that by 2020, more than80,000 households in the region will have basically covered rural sewagetreatment.

The problem of domestic sewage treatment is relatively easy to deal within cities, and sewage treatment plants can be constructed in a concentratedmanner. The difficulty lies in the scattered small villages. In order toproperly solve the problem of rural domestic sewage in Jinshan District, thegovernance mainly adopts the principle of focusing on concentration anddecentralization according to local conditions. Areas near the municipal sewagepipeline network along the Tingwei Highway are included in the sewage pipelinenetwork and are centrally treated by the sewage treatment plant. In otherareas, decentralized sewage treatment stations are adopted to solve the problemof rural sewage treatment. The integrated pumping station is the key.

For the treatment of scattered rural household sewage, technology is adifficult point, and the long-established habit in the countryside is alsoanother difficult point that needs to be challenged. "In the past, thesewage naturally infiltrated the soil in front of the house or discharged intothe river channel. To make farmers accustomed to intercepting sewage and receivingpipes, it takes patience to work." The relevant person in charge of thedistrict water conservancy said that in order to win the support of villagers,in addition to cooperating with the village committee In addition to patientand meticulous work, at the same time, villagers’ congresses and other formsshould be used to fully solicit the opinions of villagers and strive to trulyachieve the popular will of this popular project.

At present, China State Construction Installation has also undertakenthe construction of domestic sewage treatment and pipeline networks in JiangyinCity, Jiangsu Province.

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