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IWAKI magnetic pump MXM, MDH series

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IWAKI Magnetic pump product application:

The products are widely used in chemical industry,pharmaceutical industry, petroleum, electroplating, food, film and photographicprinting, scientific research institutions, national defense industry and otherunits to pump acid, lye, oil, X precious liquid, venom, volatile liquid, aswell as circulating water equipment, filter supporting. Especially easy toleak, flammable, explosive liquid pumping, the choice of this pump is moreideal.

IWAKI Magnetic pump features:

The durability is greatly enhanced under bad operatingconditions

The non-contact structure and self-circulating coolingstructure greatly improve the durability of the magnetic pump at idling andwhen air is drawn into the suction end.

Contactless structure

Different from the traditional magnetic pump, the MXMseries is designed to effectively prevent the bearing from contacting the endface of the rear thrust ring when the magnetic pump is idling and air is drawninto the suction end.

Self-circulating cooling structure

The liquid is forced to circulate between the pumpshaft and the bearing through the heat dissipation hole at the junction of theimpeller and the magnetic sac, which can effectively reduce the heat generatedby friction and thus prevent the component from melting and heat change.

High corrosion resistance

The flow components are made of the best corrosionresistant materials: carbon fiber enhanced ETFE, fine ceramics, carbon, etc.

Impeller and motor can be selected according to thedensity of liquid.

Highly durable construction

The use of ductile iron reinforcement hood greatlyimproves the strength of the pump body, which is suitable for various chemicalprocesses. Its unique structure greatly enhances the sealing between the frontshell and the back shell.

Highly enhanced security

The unique design of the rear housing prevents stressconcentration and simultaneously enhances the compressive strength of the pumpand the support of the pump shaft. The high temperature type adopts thedouble-shell structure with FRP rear shell reinforcement shield, which not onlygreatly enhances the compressive strength of the pump, but also significantlyimproves the safety of preventing leakage of the rear shell when accidentsoccur.

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